Aini Group Profile


  Yunnan Aini Agriculture & Livestock Group, founded in Mar. 2006, is mainly engaged in livestock industry, coffee industry and catering industry. There are seven wholly-owned subsidiaries—Pu’er Aini Beef Catering Management Co., Ltd., Pu’er Sanglaite Coffee Co., Ltd., Xishuangbanna Lanshan Agriculture and Livestock Co., Ltd., Lancang Aier Livestock Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan Aini Natural Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., Pu’er Aini Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Kunming Village Cowboy Catering Co., Ltd. and one joint venture enterprise—Starbucks Aini Coffee (Yunnan) Co., Ltd.

  Aini Group is a key leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization, a joint venture enterprise co-invested by Starbucks, a member of Specialty Coffee Association of America, Yunnan Innovative Enterprise, advanced leading enterprise in promotion of agriculture industrialization development with plateau characteristics, Yunnan scientific and technological enterprise engaged in agricultural product deep processing, vice chairman unit of cow industry branch of China Animal Agriculture Association, vice chairman unit of Yunnan Animal Agriculture Association and advanced enterprise in popularization of science, benefiting farmers and boosting village development and was rated as CCTV top 10 model enterprises in promoting the development of agriculture, farmers and rural area in 2010 and Pu’er top 10 enterprises in import and export volume.

  Livestock Industry

  Aini Group has 4 pastures with a total area of 100,000mu. Manzhongtian pasture with an area of 30,000mu is an evergreen pasture in plateau rainforest and has more than 10,000 high-quality beef cattle. Meanwhile, the company provides farmers with cows, bulls, grass seeds, pennisetum hydridum grass seeds and blocks and technical training for free so as to increase the income of local farmers. Furthermore, the company has assisted 1,400 farmers with development of beef breeding industry.

  In 2008, Aini Group established a beef cattle production demonstration base in Menghai County: a cattle fattening farm with 1,200 beefs on hand and an annual production capacity of 4,000 high-quality finished cattle and one plant mainly engaged in processing of feed including waste of sugancane industry—sugancane tips with an annual production capacity of 450 tons compound nutrition electuary and block products and 1,500 tons concentrated feed for beef finishing, provided organic fertilizer for coffee industry and formed a circular economic chain integrating sugarcane industry, livestock industry and coffee industry. Meanwhile, the company has made a huge contribution to the local environmental protection cause.

  Aini Group establishes a full-automatic slaughter and processing production line in Lancang County in strict accordance with EU standard, carries out factory management and assembly line, realizes a single-class slaughter capacity of 100 heads and an annual slaughter capacity of 30,000 heads and covers the live cattle market in three prefectures and cities—Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Lincang. The chilled beef is delicious, boasts superior quality and changes the history of completely depending on high-quality imported beef in Yunnan beef market in the past.

  Catering Industry

  Aini Group owns two catering brands—Aini Beef, Aini Mountain Villa.

  Aini Beef is mainly engaged in the casual, fast, affordable and eco-friendly buffet, provides over 100 kinds of buffet including fat beef hotpot, beef steak, fresh vegetables and fruits, western food, Aini coffee, etc. and wins favor of customers owing to the green and eco-friendly consumption concept as well as high cost performance. In 2013, it was identified as “Yunnan Demonstration Unit in Safety of Food and Beverage Service”. In addition, “Aini” beef products have been certified to HACCP, pass organic product certification and have been rated as Excellent Beef Brand and China Famous Brand.

  Aini Mountain Villa is mainly engaged in catering industry with national minority characteristics in Yunnan, adheres to the tenet of “Promote the Development of National Culture”, takes the traditional dishes and local specialties in Yunnan as key features, integrates catering, music, dance, dress and etiquette and displays folk culture of national minorities including Aini. Since foundation, it has been rated as Advanced Unit in Cultural Activity, Tourist Reception, Sanitary Guarantee and Establishment of Civilized City by the departments at all levels owing to good credit and high reputation. In 2009, the chain store of Aini Mountain Villa was awarded “Yunnan Famous Restaurant”.

  By the end of Nov. 2014, Aini Beef Catering Management Co., Ltd. has established more than 20 hot pot buffet restaurants, steak restaurants and large restaurants with national characteristics in four prefectures—Kunming, Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Wenshan and kept the annual average expansion of 6-10 restaurants in 4-5 prefectures. It is expected to realize the objective of “the restaurants cover Yunnan, annual earnings of over RMB 100 million” and bring the high-quality life of “from pasture to dining table, from seeds to cups” to Yunnan people in 2017.

  Coffee Industry

  Aini Group has two coffee planting demonstration bases—Manzhongtian Manor and Luode Manor with a total area of 20,000mu, completely realizes rainforest planting, adopts the business model of “Company + Base + Farmers + Standardization” and solves employment problems of more than 500 farmers. To increase the economic income of local farmers and accelerate the development pace of coffee industry, the company provided 1 million high-quality coffee seedlings in Jun. 2009 and assisted farmers in developing coffee planting industry. There are 2 peeling, degumming and wet process factories with an hourly processing capacity of 10 tons coffee bean, 2 coffee processing plants with an annual husk coffee processing capacity of 30,000 tons and an annual production capacity of 23,000 tons commercial coffee beans and one 1,000ton roasted coffee production line which completely changes the passive situation of the low-benefit and short Yunnan and Pu’er coffee industrial chain. The husk coffee materials mainly come from the surrounding cities including Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Lincang, Dehong and Baoshan. “Aini Manor” green coffee beans and roasted coffee beans (powder) have passed the certification of CONVERSION TO ORGANIC and are mainly exported to over ten countries such as Germany, America, Canada, Belgium, Malaysia, etc.

  On Feb. 6th, 2012, Aini Group signed a contract with the world’s largest coffee enterprise—Starbucks Coffee Company and established Starbucks Aini Coffee (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. The joint venture enterprise purchases and exports high-quality coffee beans of Coffea Arabica from Yunnan, takes charge of the operation of primary coffee processing factory in Pu’er, helps Yunnan to improve coffee quality and brings the best coffee in Yunnan to the global market. It is a milestone event in the development history of Aini Group and Yunnan coffee industry.

  In the meantime, Aini Group actively prepares for the construction of Manzhongtian Manor as an ecological and rainforest coffee manor integrating agriculture, industry, tourist industry and coffee culture industry.

  • Aini Group Headquarters

    Address: No.62, Chacheng Avenue, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province

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