aini Industry

  Aini Group owns two catering brands—Aini Beef, Aini Mountain Villa.

  Aini Beef is mainly engaged in the casual, fast, affordable and eco-friendly buffet, provides over 100 kinds of buffet including fat beef hotpot, beef steak, fresh vegetables and fruits, western food, Aini coffee, etc. and wins favor of customers owing to the green and eco-friendly consumption concept as well as high cost performance. In 2013, it was identified as “Yunnan Demonstration Unit in Safety of Food and Beverage Service”. In addition, “Aini” beef products have been certified to HACCP, pass organic product certification and have been rated as Excellent Beef Brand and China Famous Brand.

  Aini Mountain Villa is mainly engaged in catering industry with national minority characteristics in Yunnan, adheres to the tenet of “Promote the Development of National Culture”, takes the traditional dishes and local specialties in Yunnan as key features, integrates catering, music, dance, dress and etiquette and displays folk culture of national minorities including Aini. Since foundation, it has been rated as Advanced Unit in Cultural Activity, Tourist Reception, Sanitary Guarantee and Establishment of Civilized City by the departments at all levels owing to good credit and high reputation. In 2009, the chain store of Aini Mountain Villa was awarded “Yunnan Famous Restaurant”.

  By the end of Nov. 2014, Aini Beef Catering Management Co., Ltd. has established more than 20 hot pot buffet restaurants, steak restaurants and large restaurants with national characteristics in four prefectures—Kunming, Pu’er, Xishuangbanna, Wenshan and kept the annual average expansion of 6-10 restaurants in 4-5 prefectures. It is expected to realize the objective of “the restaurants cover Yunnan, annual earnings of over RMB 100 million” and bring the high-quality life of “from pasture to dining table, from seeds to cups” to Yunnan people in 2017.

  • Aini Group Headquarters

    Address: No.62, Chacheng Avenue, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province

  • Aini Group Marketing

    Address:Aini Villa, No.1042, Dianchi Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
    Tel:0871-64312019 4000882464