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Chairman of Aini Group Liu Minghui Offers Proposals on the Development of “Manorial Economy” and Promotion of Regional Brands During the Two Sessions

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The Dialogue of Chairman of Aini Group Liu Minghui During the Interview of the Journalist from Yunnan Branch of the Xinhua News Agency

  Liu Minghui: How to develop agriculture in Yunnan? The European agriculture adopts the international popular manorial economy. Therefore, I have a proposal on increasing efforts in long-term recommendation of manorial economy in bioindustry of Yunnan and construction of manorial economy after maturation. In the future, there will be various tea manors, coffee manors and dendrobe manors, and each kind of resource among 18 kinds of biological resources in Yunnan will have its own manor. Meanwhile, all manors will realize economic localization. Pu’er will attract the attention of the world if there are dozens or over one hundred coffee manors as well as dozens or hundreds of tea manors.

  One manor is one brand. The income of farmers will increase through their own manors. The agricultural products can be sold at a fair price if the farmers have their own manors and brands. Meanwhile, the development mode of manorial economy will be formed. Certainly, this mode cannot be formed in a short period and may take several decades or over one hundred years such as the wine manor in France and 200 red wine manors in Napa Valley in California. Any industry such as coffee manor and tea manor needs a large number of participators. Great things may be done by mass effort. Various enterprises in different sizes engaged in manorial economy will develop into manors with different scales. Afterwards, the manors will develop their own advantages and competitiveness and attract the attention of global consumers. These are my suggestions.

  The leaders play a decisive role in the process of farmers engaged in development of manorial economy. The guide direction of leaders is the development direction of farmers. Each session of leaders should pay special attention to farmers and insist on the strategy policy formulated by the previous leaders. Therefore, the farmers will achieve better development. In a word, the concept on manorial economy of Yunnan agriculture is correct.

  Journalist:Does Aini Group have practical experience in manorial economy?

  Liu Minghui:Aini Group has been engaged in beef manor. Aini Group has a beef manor in animal husbandry with plateau characteristics and Manzhongtian coffee manor. The two manors have developed into a certain scale.

  Journalist:How about the effects?

  Liu Minghui: The effects are pretty good. One or two groups of 10-60 coffee fans from all parts of the country come to visit our coffee manor in Pu’er every week. As more and more coffee fans come to our coffee manor, it will be known by more and more people. Meanwhile, coffee fans will deliver the information on the quality of coffee planting in Pu’er and Yunnan to the market and net friends all over the country.


  Journalist:What is the greatest difficulty or problem in the process of development of manorial economy? How to solve these problems?

  Liu Minghui: The greatest problems include infrastructure investment. The infrastructure is unprofitable and can be used only for brand publicity. The first problem is related to infrastructure. Every enterprise will meet this difficulty. Therefore, the government is expected to provide support for the construction of manorial economy. A large number of manors will develop with the help of governments, and more people will pay attention to the development of Pu’er. It needs long-term support of governments. Another problem is the small scale of manors. The self-organized teams came to visit our coffee manor and wished to visit more manors. However, they were disappointed to see only one Aini manor. They will have different choices and visit more manors if there are various manors in Pu’er. Thus Pu’er will attract more eyeballs.

  Journalist:As an entrepreneur, what kind of government support do you need for development due to limited financial strength? How about the development environment?

  Liu Minghui: We face loan problems. The agriculture industry features high investment, long period, slow effect and high natural risk. The farmers and agricultural enterprises will reap nothing in case of natural disasters. It is the most essential reason why many enterprises are unwilling to make investment in agriculture industry. Therefore, it is expected to establish agriculture insurance mechanism and provide financial support for disaster-hit farmers or agricultural enterprises.

  Our high-quality products cannot be sold at a fair price. This is because our enterprise is small and located in border areas and has no ability to promote our brand. The government is expected to organize the regional brands and promote Yunnan coffee and more agricultural and sideline products all over the country and the world. Our enterprises will be known by many people as the regional brands are promoted. Columbia and Australia have the national council for promotion of international trade such as Australian Trade Commission and Columbian Trade Commission in China. These organizations stand for their countries rather than the enterprise. The enterprises will enter the market developed by the country. Thus the government is expected to think about this issue from this viewpoint, and the excellent products made by the agricultural enterprises in Yunnan will be sold at a fair price.

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