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The Coffee Fans from All Parts of the Country Enjoy a Trip to Manzhongtian Coffee Manor in Yunnan

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  The activity with a theme of “Enjoy a Trip to Manzhongtian Coffee Manor in Yunnan” co-organized by Aini Group, famous Sina bloggers—“Exquisite Coffee Life”, “China Coffee Shop Alliance” was held in Pu’er in the first ten-day period of November. A team consisting of about 100 coffee fans from all parts of the country visited Manzhongtian Coffee Manor, Aini processing plant and Aini manor coffee shop. The members include coffee shop owners, barista, coffee roasters, coffee fans, coffee traders and coffee culture spreaders. They experienced the whole process from planting to primary processing and deep processing and got to know the knacks on “sacrificing output for pollution-free coffee” and “from seeds to cups”.

  The coffee enthusiasts were captivated by the splendid scenery of Manzhongtian Coffee Manor. The cattle grazing on a large pasture, the distant coffee manor, blue sky and white clouds set each other off beautifully. The visitors were still full of enthusiasm although they needed to ride on a pick-up truck and a tractor to appreciate coffee. The coffee enthusiasts visited field coffee and rainforest coffee guided by the manager of Manzhongtian Coffee Manor Bai Yingfu. Mr. Bai said, the flower season of coffee is in April, and the mature period is in October. The growth cycle is 6-8 months. The first batch of coffee will be harvested in three years. The rainforest coffee boasts superior quality due to less amount and late mature period caused by high concealment. The organic fertilizer such as cow dung and coffee skin is used. Meanwhile, the farmers adopt the method of artificial pest killing rather than pesticide, thereby ensuring the quality of ecological coffee. Furthermore, the coffee products pass the certification of Starbucks. Many coffee enthusiasts picked coffee cherries and enjoyed the light sweet taste.

  Some coffee enthusiasts saw this kind of rainforest coffee garden for the first time and asked why we need to plant banana trees here? Mr. Bai explained, banana trees absorb a large quantity of water in rainy seasons, and the coffee trees and banana trees can absorb water from each other in dry seasons. Afterwards, the coffee enthusiasts visited the coffee seed “gene bank” led by Mr. Bai. More than 40 new coffee varieties were displayed here. It is taken as a seed resource bank. Later they visited the peeling & degumming factory, the drying yard and Starbucks Aini Coffee (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. In addition, quite a few coffee enthusiasts visited this complete industrial chain from seeds to cups for the first time and took a group photo with coffee farmers and the drying yard.

  In the end, the coffee enthusiasts came to Aini Manor Coffee Flagship Store in Pu’er—China’s Coffee Capital, tasted Aini coffee, made a discussion and shared their experience in coffee industry.

  Most of coffee enthusiasts said this trip helped to increase their knowledge in coffee and have a deeper understanding of coffee manor. The chief editor of Roast Magazine Ma Chao said, he came to coffee manor on behalf of the roaster, showed great interest in the influence of fresh bean processing in coffee quality and was enlightened by this trip. The coffee shop owner Bai Lin from Yichang, Hubei has been engaged in operation of coffee shop for seven years and obtained the samples of coffee beans and manor information before. The information content was connected with the original taste of coffee bean in this trip. He had an intuitive feeling about the influence in fresh beans, which would be very helpful. A coffee fan from Chengdu Yuan Dou said, he was engaged in coffee roasting for five years and was shocked by his first trip to the coffee production area. He decided to come to Yunnan coffee production area in person and purchase fresh beans in mature seasons. The coffee enthusiast from Zhejiang who intended to open a coffee shop said this trip helped to buoy her confidence in opening a coffee shop.

  The mature season of coffee in Yunnan is from Nov. this year to Feb. next year. The coffee enthusiasts and investigation team from all parts of the country go on a trip to Yunnan coffee production area. Currently Aini Manzhongtian Coffee Manor and Luode Coffee Manor are open to the public free of charge.

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