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Aini Group Profile

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  Yunnan Aini Agriculture & Livestock Group, founded in Mar. 2006, is mainly engaged in livestock industry, coffee industry and catering industry. There are seven wholly-owned subsidiaries—Pu’er Aini Beef Catering Management Co., Ltd., Pu’er Sanglaite Coffee Co., Ltd., Xishuangbanna Lanshan Agriculture and Livestock Co., Ltd., Lancang Aier Livestock Industry Co., Ltd., Yunnan Aini Natural Rubber Industry Co., Ltd., Pu’er Aini Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Kunming Village Cowboy Catering Co., Ltd. and one joint venture enterprise—Starbucks Aini Coffee (Yunnan) Co., Ltd.

  Aini Group is a key leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization, a joint venture enterprise co-invested by Starbucks, a member of Specialty Coffee Association of America, Yunnan Innovative Enterprise, advanced leading enterprise in promotion of agriculture industrialization development with plateau characteristics, Yunnan scientific and technological enterprise engaged in agricultural product deep processing, vice chairman unit of cow industry branch of China Animal Agriculture Association, vice chairman unit of Yunnan Animal Agriculture Association and advanced enterprise in popularization of science, benefiting farmers and boosting village development and was rated as CCTV top 10 model enterprises in promoting the development of agriculture, farmers and rural area in 2010 and Pu’er top 10 enterprises in import and export volume.

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    Address: No.62, Chacheng Avenue, Pu’er City, Yunnan Province

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    Address:Aini Villa, No.1042, Dianchi Road, Kunming City, Yunnan Province
    Tel:0871-64312019 4000882464